Let it be 'SHITS'

Things are going wrong, I've wrote a concept to talk with her on the phone, I dial her phone number when she pick up the phone and I hear her voice whispering softly in to my ears and I neglected until I forgot what should I say,

I cannot controlled my Breath, I'm trying to inhale deeply and be cool and say " Makan siang bareng yuuk !! " I believe she will refuse it, and she said "Aku ada kuliah sampe sore...nanti di khabarin lagi deh !"

shame on me after she closed her phone, it's worst than I thought, I want to talk longer with her, what's wrong with me..

I slam my phone, my notes, and my pen in to my desk and realize how Idiot myself, It's just really complicated when I checked back my phone, I saw the screen and it's written "card errors" shit I broke my mobile phone!


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