Too Many Options

Wednesday morning I received a short messages from my friend and he asked me to held an urgent meeting at Dago street at 09.00 am, while I was desperately waiting a reply from 'my Queen' for having lunch together. I was confused but my friend need me immediately so I decided to join that meeting with my Friends

while I'm gathering with my friends, at 10.00 or 11.00 am I received a short message from my Queen and she said she couldn't come with me, she has to evaluate her last week fest with her friends.

I didn't disappoint at all, caused we have a separate schedule with different activities in the same time. but There was one night when I neglected, I keep thinking about her..., my Friends, her Friends, me, myself and I already knew she has boyfriend but what makes me keep struggle to get her, I don't give a damn to her boyfriend whether Is he an army (with the big gun who are ready to shoot) or Boxing Champion, I'll always ready to do everything to get what I wanted.

how ever I've to measure my capacitate, and introspecting myself, I guess she just too perfect for me. she deserves to have a perfect boyfriend too, more than myself, it's usual for a girl like her.

I share this feeling with my other friends in my Community and after I made Polling, 35% ask me to keep on fighting to get her (they are ready to support me and give help whenever I need ^_^ ), and 60% say find another girls (they said they will introduce me to some hot chics ;) ) , the rest 5% of my friends say "don't care at all, mind your business T_T " (they gave me advise that I should go get married as soon as possible because I'm 28 now :P).

I still couldn't decide it :P anyhow I'm really happy among my friends, they'll always exist when I need them and when I'm falling down they are ready to pick me up and help me stands, I love my Friends, with them behind and beside me I already have all that I need.

but..,wait ! I'll choose the second option 'Find another Girls' yeah ! if God grants me a wish, it would be nice if I wish I could have a girlfriend who will accept me when I'm nobody, understand me, she'll be here when I need her to support me, and the most important things are she should has many talent just like my previous Queens so we can create a future together for better living.


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