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One Day, Just A Thought
One day, when the time comes, we might wonder why we bothered to breathe. Cursed to a life that was never even worth living. In a world that we never knew. We might see a familiar face or catch a passing glance. It's a hope. Perhaps all we were meant to need. That desire tends to wear thin after a while however and we start back at one. I'd like to say that I forgot what it was like to feel, but I can't remember if I ever knew.

For Future Reference
This isn't a promise for great words of wisdom, insight or understanding. I don't claim to know everything about anything and hold no shame in admitting that I have barely skimmed the surface of anything even close to knowledge. Having that said, I leave you with these closing words to gnaw on.., till next time.

"Truth has always been in abundance. It's only due to the lack of it's demand that we question it's existance."


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