So it goes

While waiting for the miracle, My life's getting upside down and sudden altitude changes may leave me not quite knowing what's what. I'll keep trying to be cool,it improves the overall mood, let it flows eventhough too much duality derails the train, I'll keep it simple with the barest of necessities.

My energy is elsewhere for the time being, matters of the heart are in my mind today. I supposed to step back and not analyze so much. I Always carry a small pad of paper and a pen to write down thoughts instantly. While a creative concept hit me at any moment, I don't even second guess my own ideas, just write them without judgment.

I wrote about how I really felt within my relationship which was really Complicated , which pushed things right over the edge into happiness! But this is no time to quit and assume that's as far as it goes. Oh, no.. I still have some headway to make, so I won't be shy! I Come out of from my shell even more, take advantage of every momentum and show every person that I want them to know who I really are.


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