it's not a fairy tale story

a little bit regret i felt right now when i was dialing her mobile phone number, as one of my friend said, She picked up the phone and turned on the speaker phone loudly in front of her friends, when i'm talking all her friends were listening and i didn't even realize it, no wonder many laughter in the background, well i guess she doesn't even want to talk to me anymore..,

how come is it happen to me ? why is she acting like that ? i don't even know what should i do ? i am not suppose to be jealous. who cares anyway.

right now i am totally tired, i'm sleepy and i need to close my eyes, inside my small and empty room, without anyone here nor my friends, no loudness voices, no echo,no..

i really need a place to run, a greatest escape from my trouble, i need a place where i can sleep like a baby, and that would be my room, yeah really comfort.

it seems i don't have anybody here, i hear nobody out there and i'm loosing my mind.., i don't even know how to write an ending for this story..

i'm really sorry my dear.., i'm just too tired to think about you.., i don't want anymore trouble, after tonight i swear when i wake up early in the morning, i'll be so much better and i'll forget all thing about you, and nomore your name inside my brain.


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