I don't need your money.., Bitch !

This morning before I finished my slumber, I've received a phone call from my Boss, he said I shall come to the office at 11:00 because there will be 25 guests from Beijing. so, I wake up, take bath, and get dress, and go to work earlier

it's about 11:35 I saw 2 Mercedes were stopping by in front of Gallery, and it's only 7 Chinamen from that cars, ( I thought 25 people like my Boss said) 5 speak in Chinese and the other 2 china girls speaks Indonesia, I greet them and saying 'Hello' I keep talking, explaining, joking, using my Fabulous English words for guiding all that Guests, but it seems they didn't understand me, I thought I made a mistake while I'm speaking but it's not because my English but they didn't speak English, They are moron, they didn't study English in their School, They don't understand English at all. they keep speak Chinese all the time, I'm getting sick when they were ignoring me, except a china girl who speaks Indonesia, She's so nice and friendly unfortunately she's not my type.

I took them looking around from gallery to the workshop although I'm little bit upset, but I cannot leave them alone because my boss keep an eye on me, you know what suck is ?? when I don't speak much and it's not as I always do, and when I speak they'll ignoring me, all I can do just follow their ass. At the end of the small tour that china girl was giving me Rp.50.000 while she shakes my hand and says 'thanks'. I shake her hand back but I refused that money, actually I need that money and it is enough for buying 5 pieces of silver queen chocolates or 3 pieces large toblerone chocolates, but I'll losing my Dignity so I really refused it. I would accept that money only if they were listening to my explanation while I'm guiding, I'm a professional tourist Guide, and I don't accept money from these people who have made me sick !


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