An American rapcore band. formed in 1999 when Tim Armstrong of the band Rancid played his friend and roadie Rob Aston some beats he had made using Pro Tools and asked Rob if he would consider contributing lyrics. Initially, Tim played all the instruments himself but as the project grew, he invited musician friends such as Matt Freeman (Rancid), Lars Frederiksen (Rancid), and Vic Ruggiero (The Slackers) to add to the sound. Before long, Tim and Rob decided to officially form a band, but to make things complete, they wanted a drummer, so Travis Barker from Blink-182 was asked to join in 2002. Travis actually recorded all drums for the first album in about eight hours.

The group’s music is a combination of hip hop, reggae, drum n bass, dub, and punk, but not necessarily all at once. Although many are used sparingly throughout the album, punk and rap remain as the prominent styles. Lyrically, Rob Aston describes their songs as ranging from topics such as murder (“Quick Death”) to the passing of a loved one (“Sad But True”) to failed friendships (“We Trusted You”).

The singles, “Diamonds and Guns” and “D.J. D.J.”, quickly became MTV favorites and earned the band critical and commercial success. “Diamonds and Guns” and its unmistakable piano hook played by co-producer Dave Carlock continues to win new fans through TV commercials for Garnier Fructis shampoo.

In an interview with Rob Aston and Paul Wall on January 16, 2006 about their new project with Travis Barker, Expensive Taste, Rob commented that the Transplants broke up. In the interview he stated “The Warped Tour had just ended and Transplants had just broken up”.

Download :
Diamonds and Guns.MP3
Sad but True.mp3



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